We are going to be doing a wine tasting with Lee Issacs on intagram @wineman147 on Tuesday 16th March at 7pm and its gonna be fun!...

Between now and then, we will be offering a special discount of 10% on these particular wines, when purchased together as a box of 3 so you too can join in the tasting... this is a limited time offer and ends on the 16th March.


Las Bairetas (orange) (3000 bottles): Grape selection in the vines and in the winery. There is a first phase of vatting and treading of the whole grape in stone presses (between 10 and 15 days), then 100% de-stemming and brief work with skins (between 3 and 4 days), indigenous yeasts, manual work of the cap during maceration-fermentation. Natural clarification. Bottling without filtration. Organic, Low intervention.
A good introdutionary wine to orange wine. Highly expressing on the nose, highlighting its freshness, aromas of fruit, mainly citrus, and well balanced acidity. The palate is fresh, mid-palate with an explosion of flavours. Medium-long finish. Stone fruits, orange skin, fresh, smooth.
Vintage: 2018 Variety: Moscatel de Alejandria Origin:  Requena, Valencia


La Madura (white) (300 bottles): To avoid oxidation, a maceration is carried out pre-fermentation with dry ice for 48 hours. Long fermentation. Aged 4 months in hardwood barrels in contact with lees and 8 months in the cellar. Old vines.

Gold in colour, it needs to open so give it time. Starts with fruity and herbaceous aromas, we can also find sweetness, notes of dill, fennel, stone fruits and touches of citric fruit not very intense more like medlar. It develops onto grapefruit, and flowers as jasmine or orange blossom. On the mouth, fresh, with 2 layers, on the top certain salinity, and underlayer we have stone fruits as apricot, finish with a smoke, slightly bitter taste but at same time creamy. Minerality it is present and long finish.
Vintage:  2018 Variety: Moscatel de Alejandria Origin:  Ahillas Valley, Valencia


Ahillas Tinto (red) (3000 bottles): Each of the varieties did together the fermentation. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. The malolactic fermentation is carried out in French and American oak. It is aged for a period of 12 months in barrel and later it spends 6 months in the bottle.

On the nose, the ripe red and black fruit stand out in the first place, and the purple flowers. Fresh vegetable notes of dill and fennel follow at a very short distance, also sweet touches of hard caramel, compote fruit and liquorice. On the palate it has a fruity entrance with a prominence of blackberries and currants, seasoned with menthol.
Vintage: 2018 Variety: 30% Bobal, 15% Prieto Picudo, 15% Mencia, 10% Graciano, 10% Maturana Tinta and others  Origin:  Ahillas Valley, Valencia


WINE TASTING & CHAT #wineman147 - 16TH MARCH


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