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A beautiful semi-hard cheese from León made using all three milks, Ewe's, Goat's


The racio of each milk varies depending on the seasonality of the flock. The curd cutting process of these cheeses is completly manual, breaking the curds, pinching the paste which creates a characteric crumbly texture. Elegant in the mouth. Slightly piquant, due to the inclusion of goat's milk.


Acidity is subtle. Notes of mushroom, caramelised onion, hazelnut and wild flowers. Complex texture in the mouth, with a buttery finish. Coloured moulds appear on the rind, due to the maduration in underground natural wine cellars. The aromas of the rind are reminiscent of deep forest.


As the cheese ages, veins of mould can be filtered inside the cheese.


Milk: Ewe's, Goats Rennet: Traditional Origin: León Ageing: Minimum of 3 months


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