Light. Dry. Low tannins. On the palate it is fresh and with a very fine bubble and a very pleasant texture on the palate, on the nose vegetable notes and summer fruits such as watermelon. Long finish


ANCESTRAL METHOD: The grapes are pressed with their stems and the must and fermented with native yeast. It is bottled until Summer where it continues to ferment. The bottles rest “sur lie” (meaning, resting with the dead yeast cells inside each bottle) which adds complexity. The dead yeast cells are collected in the neck of the bottle (through a process called “riddling“) and removed from the bottle (through a process called “disgorgement“). Not all Ancestral disgorgement or riddling, which it is this case.


Vintage: 2019 Variety: Origin: (80%) Royal, (20%) Garnacha Origin: Utiel Requena, Valencia

Fetiche (PET NAT)